Payments are made on the spot, we will print out a copy of remittance for you to take. Depending on whom you bank with, money may show up instantly or generally within 1 working day.

  • Proof of ownership by way of Registration papers
  • Identification by way of Drivers licence for all owners.
  • All owners will need to authorise sale of vehicle. All to sign.
  • Proof of your bank account details so we can pay you.
  • If there is a payout against the vehicle, will need a payout letter valid for at least 2 days from date of sale.
  • Tax invoice if car was claimed or registered under business use previously.
  • Spare keys.
  • Log books & service records.

The buyers that will accept or buy these cars from us are limited, so we are selective to what we would buy with previously written off vehicles.

No, we’re happy to consider everything.

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